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Alessandra de Rossi Reunites With Empoy Marquez In New Film “Walang KaParis”

Alessandra de Rossi Reunites With Empoy Marquez In New Film “Walang KaParis”

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Actress Alessandra de Rossi and comedian-actor Empoy Marquez reunited after six years in their new film “Walang Kaparis”.

The two actors, also known as “AlEmpoy,” were first exposed as a tandem in their 2017 hit film “Kita Kita.” This year, the AlEmpoy duo will be back on the screen for their second movie together.

Upon the announcement of the new movie, Alex showed how excited she was to work with Empoy once again as she posted their official poster in her Instagram account.

“Ang pagbabalik ng economy class tandem, na tatalunin ang pa-world class! Walang ganun! Kami na to! We’re back and we’re back to back,” she said.

Meanwhile, Empoy also posted on his Instagram account, and joked about the actress feeling flattered around him.

“Hindi ko alam kung kinikilig ka sakin dahil kras mo talaga ako o nasisikipan ka sa damit na suot mo or exited ka na dahil sa March 23 na po ang WALANG KAPARIS,” he said.

The producer of the film, Piolo Pascual, and fellow celebrities Isabel Prats, Baron Geisler, Chynna Cipriano, Paolo Paraiso, and Ebe Dancel also shared their excitement to see Alex and Empoy for the second time around.

The romantic film was set in Paris and will be exclusively shown on March 23 on an online streaming platform. The story revolves around a Paris-based Filipino artist who tries to look for his mysterious subject, who suddenly appears in his thoughts.

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