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Jollibee Group Strengthens Commitment to Food Safety

Jollibee Group Strengthens Commitment to Food Safety

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Food safety has always been the Jollibee Group’s anchor in serving great-tasting food and maintaining its customers’ trust worldwide. As part of its Global Sustainability Agenda dubbed Joy for Tomorrow, the company is reinforcing its commitment to sustainable food safety practices across its supply chain.


“Food safety has always been part of our DNA. Across all our brands, we go to great lengths to ensure safety in all our practices—from food production and handling to processing and distribution,” said Wally Mateo, Jollibee Group Vice President and Head of Quality Management.


Jollibee Group conducts yearly Food Safety inspections and certifications across all its stores, commissaries, and logistics. In 2022, the company conducted over 15,000 Food, Service, Cleanliness, & Condition Audits across all its stores worldwide. Jollibee Group employees also received over 125,000 online training hours on ensuring food safety and service quality.

The Jollibee Group uses risk-based and flexible methodologies to thoroughly verify the food safety and quality systems of its suppliers, commissaries, and distribution centers. It also conducts annual risk assessments to determine the appropriate audit mode, which is tailored fit to the store’s needs and to the season or external conditions during the audit period. 

As of 2022, 100% of the Jollibee Group’s commissaries have their own internal audit system, which adheres to at least one external globally recognized standard such as Food Safety System Certification (FSSC), Safe Quality Foods (SQF), and ISO22000, among others. In addition, 94% of its commissaries have obtained third-party certifications from audits recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

The Jollibee Group also recognizes the importance of maintaining food safety standards in the transport, storage, and distribution of food products. Therefore, the company ensures 100% of its third-party logistics providers in the Philippines acquire ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems certification. 


Making Food Safety Reminder Accessible to Riders. Links to Food Safety Reminders were made accessible to riders via a QR code in Jollibee Group stores.

Supply Chain Continuous Learning Program 

The Jollibee Group, through its Global Quality Management Unit, recently gathered its global network of vendors and suppliers, commissary employees, and support groups in a training session on the latest industry trends. 

The Jollibee Group partnered with global leader in cloud based QMS (Quality Management Systems) software, Veeva Systems, to conduct the training. The speakers were Natasha Telles D’Costa, Veeva Systems Director for Strategy – Food and Beverage for Asia; and Nirva Tee, Accounts & Partnerships Manager for Asia. 

Food Safety A Priority. Several stores of different Jollibee Group brands handed out free sanitizers to aggregator riders to remind them of the key role they play in ensuring food safety for customers

World Food Safety Day Celebration

The Jollibee Group also celebrates World Food Safety Day annually as part of continuing efforts to foster a food safety culture across the business. This year’s celebration focused on the theme “Food Safety Beyond Our Doors,” which recognized the key role of third-party delivery riders in ensuring food safety. Several Jollibee Group restaurants handed sanitizers and a scanned QR code containing a Food Safety Reminder poster to riders. The poster, written in Filipino, details the benefits of ensuring food safety to both riders and consumers, as well as the food safety tips that riders can practice regularly.

“As more consumers rely on food delivery services for their everyday meals, food safety and quality throughout the delivery process becomes even more significant. Food delivery riders can make a difference by preventing foodborne diseases from spreading and implementing food safety practices themselves,” Mateo stressed.